Exactly where Audi Will Win or Shed the Luxury Automobile Race

2 months into 2014 and Audi has nudged ahead of BMW in the race for luxury car buyers around the globe.

By means of February, the blue-chip Volkswagen (VOW:GY) brand has sold nearly 242,500 vehicles, about 9 % much more than it had in the yr-earlier period and just a smidge ahead of BMW’s “Ultimate Driving” machines. Daimler’s Mercede, sitting in third area, has much more momentum than either of its rivals, having sold 12.4 % more autos than in the yr-earlier period.

There is surely a good deal to like in Audi at the second, but there is also a great deal of street left just before we hit the home stretch of 2014. And with new 2-series and 4-series models rolling out, BMW can catch up quickly. IHS Automotive is presently predicting that BMW will keep its product sales crown for a 10th straight 12 months.

The race, meanwhile, will be made a decision in 2 spots.

China: Audi has the clear lead right here, promoting nearly 77,000 cars in the nation in January and February, in contrast with BMW’s 67,400. Right now, China represents practically a single-third of Audi’s business. But BMW has the momentum. Its income in the first 2 months are a 25 % improvement more than early 2012. If it can keep that pace, China will quite rapidly be BMW territory.

United States: Audi at the second is promoting only 9 percent of its autos in the world’s biggest car market, compared with one-in-5 Mercedes designs and 17 % of BMWs. That is paltry but promising—prime problems, in reality, to steal some market place share. It’s as if Audi is humming along neck and neck with one particular much more gear left.

That extra gear could be Audi’s A3 compact sedan, which is just now hitting dealerships at a commencing value just shy of $ 30,000. It needs to outperform BMW’s new 2-series and Mercedes CLA, without having luring too several customers away from Audi’s larger A4. A few much more dealerships and a chunk of marketing and advertising income wouldn’t harm either.

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