Evo pits Jaguar XKR-S vs. Mercedes SL63 AMG in heavyweight droptop fight

Jaguar versus Mercedes track battle

We not too long ago received the unhappy information that the Jaguar XK is ceasing manufacturing by the end of the 12 months, but what greater way to bid it farewell than with some huge, smoky powerslides? The retirement of the sporty GT is not actually the topic of the newest video from Evo – it’;s on hand to compete against the Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG to see which is more rapidly around a track. Still, we can believe of it as a great sendoff for the Jag.

Both convertible grand tourers get their laps close to the program, and they couldn’;t be more different. Driver Jethro Bovingdon will get some grins out of them the 2, but completely giggles whilst behind the wheel of the XKR-S convertible. The SL63 AMG is the more effective of the 2, but as we know, that isn’;t going to usually matter at a racetrack. You are going to just have to scroll down and observe the video to see which of them is really the winner.

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