Everlasting erection lawsuit towards BMW thrown out

1994 BMW K1100RS - 05

The California man who claimed that he suffered from a 20-month erection after a 4-hour trip on his BMW K1100RS motorcycle (equivalent model pictured above) has had his situation dismissed. It would seem the court located his claims as well challenging to feel.

Henry Wolf filed a product liability lawsuit against BMW and seatmaker Corbin-Pacific in the California Superior Court in April 2012 following he claimed a motorcycle trip in September 2010 triggered a extended-phrase case of priapism from the “ridge-like” saddle layout. He asked for compensation for lost wages, health-related bills and emotional distress from each businesses.

Nearly 2 many years later on, according to Visor Down, Judge James J. McBride decided that the situation did not have ample supporting proof. A urologist testified that the plaintiff had priapism, but the court rejected the testimony of a neurologist who claimed the motorcycle’;s vibration triggered the disorder. The defendants presented testimony from the bike’;s former and subsequent owners. Corbin-Pacific CEO Mike Corbin also spoke in the company’;s defense.

If BMW had been found liable, it is achievable it would’;ve located a entire new group of consumers desiring its bikes…

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