eBay Find of the Day: Harley-Davidson powered Toyota Prius [w/video]

Toyota Prius Harley Davidson engine ToyHog

Occasionally we pluck autos from the listings of eBay Motors simply because they’;re previous and interesting, some for currently being basically wonderful, some for rarity and some for pure enjoyable. And often we choose eBay Finds of the Day, since they are hacked apart Toyota Prius’; with Harley Davidson V-twin-power concocted by the very same mind that brought you innumerable Jalopnik posts and is partially responsible for the joy that is the 24 Hrs of LeMons. This time it is that final 1.

A relatively subtle tweet from lengthy-time Jalop contributor and nicely-regarded grease monkey, Murilee Martin, hipped us to this crazy Frankenstein Prius. Constructed from the bones of a 2008 Toyota and the heart of a 1986 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883, the motive portmanteau is, effectively… it’;s a point.

Toyota’;s sophisticated Hybrid Synergy Drive has been unceremoniously wrenched and snipped out of the engine bay, making room (by means of an artful hole in the hood) for the towering, bored out V-twin. Or, as the maestro himself puts it:

“2 Cylinder air-cooled engine with rock-and-stick technologies that replaces the overly-difficult crap that Toyota spent bazillions of bucks and dozens of years developing and I invested a couple hrs with a 10mm wrench and some wire cutters undoing.”

Did we mention it really is not currently running?

Suffice it to say – whether or not you believe this “ToyHog” is an achievement or an abomination – you happen to be going to want to treat oneself to the full eBay listing. We have acquired a gallery complete of hellacious pictures in the meantime, and a video of the beast running, under.

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