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The insurance renewal for our main car (a 2005 Saab 9-5 estate) came by way of yesterday. I was about to pick up the phone and renew when I was struck that the premium appeared larger than I anticipated – £823.62 for the year (plus the extra 10% they charge you for paying out regular monthly as an alternative of up front). Certain enough, when I checked final year’s renewal, I identified it had been only £569.22. So they’d experimented with to slip a 45% enhance past us.

The insurance company in question, in situation you want to know to steer clear of them, was Direct Line.


When I named them to ask about this, they presented me a price reduction for possessing the 2 our cars insured with them (£61.48) and a “loyalty bonus” (£55.twelve) which collectively brought the price tag down to £707.02 — but that would even now have been a 24% hike in excess of last year’s price.

That was exploitative adequate that I was ready to face the trouble of shifting insurer. I do not take pleasure in this variety of issue at all, so I just employed Google’s car insurance comparison website. It was a pain coming into all the details of the automobile, myself, and the named driver, but I suppose it did not consider a lot more than 10 or fifteen minutes. It gave me estimates from ninety-odd insurers, of which I just picked the cheapest. (I won’t title them, because I’m not out to advertise any personal firm.)

The upshot is, I just paid a lump sum of £381 for the 12 months. That represents a saving of 58%, or £525, on what I would have paid had I blindly renewed the existing insurance coverage.

So individuals, I know it’s tedious, but do make fifteen minutes here and there to seem for much better bargains on items like your car insurance, your electrical energy supplier (we saved about £300 per 12 months by switching a couple of months back) and I guess your house insurer. (That one’s up coming on my own checklist. It’s at the moment Direct Line, as it was for the auto, but I bet someone else can do it cheaper.) There are non-trivial quantities of money to be saved for very small hard work.


I suppose the lesson here is: don’t be greedy. If Direct Line had restrained themselves to request for only, say, a 5% rise, I would never ever have questioned it and so I would by no means have identified the a lot more affordable substitute. It’s only due to the fact they created a crazy-ass grab for a 45% hike that I was cracked out of my cozy apathy.

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