Consumer says showroom gave fake car insurance

Businessman Harish M files case in client court right after understanding that the insurance given at time of delivery of his hatchback was invalid

New automobile or bike owners rarely, if ever, cross-check out the authenticity of motor vehicle documents provided by the dealer. Truth to inform, they have no reason to be suspicious, but businessman Harish M claims he is kicking himself for blindly taking the word of the product sales executive when he bought a new Hyundai i20.

Harish purchased his dream car on July 16, 2012 from the Trident Hyundai showroom at Reduced Palace Orchards. He paid an on-road price tag of Rs 8.19 lakh, which also integrated a comprehensive insurance coverage policy premium of Rs 24,297. Ten days later, he met with a small accident. He took his automobile for repairs to Trident Hyundai’;s services centre, but when he said he wished to claim insurance, the personnel at the workshop dissuaded him saying the quantity was as well small and if he produced a declare, the insurance premium for the subsequent year would increase.

Harish also spoke to Chandrakanth, the sales executive at the showroom, who gave him the same advice, so he paid the restore bill of Rs 8,960. On November 25 that yr, Harish once again met with an accident and damaged his auto. This time he left his vehicle for restore at the service station of Advaith Hyundai, yet another dealer, on Mission Street. The bill this time amounted to Rs 10,000, but Harish claims Chandrakanth again persuaded not to declare insurance coverage.

In July 2013, Harish, for the third time, met with an accident whilst on his way to Mysore. Harish hit the median, damaging his vehicle heavily. “Because the harm was in depth (the fix bill was Rs 33,800) I made the decision to declare insurance coverage this time,” Harish stated. “But I learnt from Tata AIG officials that my insurance coverage policy was not issued by them. I filed a complaint with the client court against the showroom and also lodged a police complaint.”

Harish alleges that staff at Trident Hyundai had cheated him. “They gave me a letter saying that they have connected an ‘insurance certificate’; and also connected a cover note from Tata AIG insurance coverage,” Harish explained. “I now know why Chandrakanth had advised me not to claim insurance twice previously. He gave me fake paperwork.” Harish says he had approached the showroom authorities to settle the matter, but they allegedly did not proven any curiosity. “So I filed a complaint,” he stated.

Lancey Gonsalves, standard manager, HR, Trident Hyundai claimed Harish had purchased insurance on his very own. “Harish did not pay the insurance funds to us,” Gonsalves explained. “He opted to get insurance from a third party. He did not even spend the third party the full volume. Our team leader Chandrakanth is not involved in this situation.”

When asked about the cover note offered to Harish at the time of the delivery which states “We connected Insurance coverage Certificate” and also incorporated a reminder to renew the insurance coverage, Gonsalves explained, “The letter was just to remind the client to renew insurance coverage after a yr. We have not issued the insurance certificate to him.”

Chandrakanth mentioned, “We are not tied up with Tata AIG insurance from our showroom, what we have given is not an insurance coverage copy, it is only a ‘thank care’; letter. Harish has not paid us the insurance coverage amount.” But he failed to explain why they issued a ‘thank care’; letter when the consumer has not paid them the insurance coverage volume.

Harish claims that when he checked with Tata AIG, he was informed that the signature on the insurance cover note was by an agent identified as Pradeep. When BM contacted Pradeep, he mentioned, “Harish took the insurance coverage from a third party and not by means of me.”

When BM visited Tata AIG insurance with the cover note to confirm the document initial-hand, the manager of the 4-wheeler insurance part, Umesha M, mentioned that the cover note was a fake. “No policy has been issued for the number pointed out in it (cover note),” Umesha stated.

Shankarachari K, Vyalikaval police inspector, admitted there appeared to be fault on the part of the showroom employees. “Preliminary inquiry exhibits somebody in the showroom has messed up with paperwork. We are investigating the case,” Shankarachari mentioned. He stated there had been a equivalent complaint against the showroom previously.

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