Compare The Meerkat Toy Is Not Proof Of Car Insurance, Police Inform Driver

Examine the Industry, if you are studying you can clock this up as a massive PR win.

A driver who was pulled over by police in Surrey attempted to convince officers he had automobile insurance by pointing out he had a Compare the Meerkat fluffy toy at his residence.

But it didn’t fly with the @SurreyRoadCops, who tweeted on Monday:

“PNC says no insurance coverage driver says “It should be insured I have my Meerkat at home” Meerkats are not proof of insurance coverage!”

The intensely irritating meerkat ‘Aleksandr Orlov’ – and his family – have become the firm’s mascots in latest years.

Stated to hail from Russian aristocracy, the cravat-wearing mammal is now a Tv phenomenon and social media rockstar with 814,000 Facebook fans and 66,000 Twitter followers.

compare the meerkat

Aleksandr Orlov has turn into the mascot of Compare the Marketplace

He’s also a greatest-selling author, with his autobiography ‘A Simple’s Life’ outselling each Katie Cost and Tony Blair’;s efforts.

Some would say Orlov revolutionised the British advertising market – as properly as promoted his species to nationwide standing.

The unique soft toy in sale at Harrods was offered out before it even produced it to the shop.

  • They Wear Eye Shadow

    Individuals massive, dark eyes. That head-furze. The EARS. Tends to make sense that this baby meerkat is taking cuteness seriously: These animals reach maturity at age one, so they have to maximize their youthful excellent seems although they can. <a href=”″>Flickr user rofanator knows how to capture meerkat action.</a>

  • They Look Thoughtful

    Hey, you floppy bunnies out there, <a href=””>look at that adorable meerkat POSTURE. </a>So alert, like a small A+ pupil.

  • They Have Mona Lisa Smiles

    Hey lady. I’;d like to ritually groom you. <a href=””>Come join my foraging party. </a>I’;m no roving male. Trust me.

  • They Type Communities

    Meerkats — like this group from the<a href=””> Auckland Zoo</a> — live collectively in colonies of 20 to 30. When they see every single other following a separation, they lick each other’;s faces. Cute points: 1,000.

  • They Preen

    <a href=””>This meerkat is probably standing sentry so the other folks in her colony can forage,</a> but does not it look like she’;s just mincing about? “What? This outdated fur? Why, I only put on this when I don’;t care <em>how</em> I seem!”

  • They Cuddle

    Recipe for a rough day: Search at <a href=”″>this picture of a triple-cuddle at the Melbourne Zoo</a>. Picture you’;re the middle meerkat. Repeat as necessary.

  • They Take Enjoyable Significantly

    <a href=””>The scampering clan at Brooklyn’;s Prospect Park Zoo</a> stays frisky with toys like this boomer ball. Get this: In the wild, some meerkats will stand sentry whilst the other people play, so they don’;t have to be all distracted worrying about receiving ea8. Do <em>you</em> know any individual who tends to make playfulness this kind of a higher priority?

  • They Model Self confidence

    Meerkat young are identified to present off. Right here, a couple of pups at the Butterfly Home in South Yorkshire chew the scenery. Examine out the rest of <a href=””>Northern Soul’;s Flickr photostream for even more little one ‘kat snuggles</a>.

  • They Nap Standing Up

    Properly, at least this teensy infant meerkat <em>seems</em> to be napping standing up. Either way, our response is, “Awww.” <a href=””>P.S. Matt Biddulph has plenty far more zoo-animal cuteness on his Flickr photostream.</a>

  • They Are Deep

    This noble view of our preferred mongoose-relative suggests that not only are meerkats darling and fluffy, they also have big, dreamy ideas. (Okay, or possibly they are just often on alert.) <a href=””>Dave Jackson’;s Prolific IT photostream on Flickr is full of vibrant, lovely animal pics like this one particular.</a>

  • They Give Piggyback Rides

    Meerkats babysit each and every other’;s offspring. And at times a meerkat that has not had a little one will lactate to feed another’;s young. I indicate, would not you? Seem at that tiny buddy. <a href=””>John Bennett has numerous moments of meerkat cuteness on his Flickr photostream</a>.

  • They Snorgle

    “Mama?” “Yes, Little one?” “Could we be cuter?” “I will not know. I guess we could place on beanies?” “Okay. But let’;s cuddle much more very first.” <a href=”″>Thanks rofanator, for capturing the cuteness at Tropical Planet in Leeds — and sharing through Flickr.</a>

  • They Preserve It Actual

    How can I ensure that meerkats reduced your blood pressure? <a href=””>Because my little ones and I go to the crew at the Prospect Park Zoo — in which I took this picture — nearly weekly</a>. Normally the frisky meerkats are racing all around, but sometimes one of them just sits even now and stares correct into your eyes, like, “What?”

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