Chrysler recalling 31k SUVs and vans

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Chrysler is issuing recalls covering roughly 31,700 autos worldwide due to 2 separate difficulties. In each instances the organization believes that most of the affected autos are either still on, or in transit to, dealer lots.

One particular recall covers approximately 10,700 Dodge Durango, Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee SRT models from the 2014 model 12 months built between January 16 and April 17, 2014. The SUVs need to have a software program update for the cruise control. It truly is feasible that when the cruise is on and the driver presses on the throttle, the acceleration could final a 2nd after the pedal is released or 2 seconds for the SRT. Afterward, they return to the pace originally set by the driver.

Chrysler says it isn’;t conscious of any accidents, injuries or even reported incidents of this taking place in the genuine globe. Also, in all circumstances, if the driver presses on the brake, the cruise shuts off. The automaker believes that there are about 6,100 affected SUVs in the US, 950 in Canada, 425 in Mexico and 3,200 outdoors of North America. The application upgrade will be prepared shortly, the company says.

The other recall covers about 21,000 Ram ProMaster vans from the 2014 model year to inspect and possibly replace several electrical elements. Chrysler discovered numerous cases of blown fuses in the vans linked to moisture publicity brought into the automobile on occupants’; footwear. It is not aware of any injuries brought on by the difficulty. Dealers will examine an in-cabin compartment for corrosion to the components, substitute components if required and apply a moisture sealant to the region. Of the impacted models, 17,700 are in the US, 2,400 are in Canada and 900 are in Mexico.

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Statement: Cruise-Handle Software Update

June 5, 2014 , Auburn Hills, Mich. – Chrysler Group is recalling an estimated 10,700 SUVs – most of which have been in dealer hands or in transit to dealers – to upgrade software that governs their cruise-control programs.

A schedule internal quality audit discovered that, when cruise-manage is engaged, an acceleration initiated by the driver might be extended by about one particular second following the accelerator pedal is launched. Motor vehicle pace then returns to the preferred setting.

In higher-performance cars subject to the recall, the event may possibly final up to 2 seconds ahead of deceleration commences. But in all instances, brake application will cancel cruise-manage.

Note: Brake function is never ever compromised and Chrysler Group is unaware of any related injuries, accidents, complaints or reported incidents.

Affected are particular 2014 Dodge Durangos and Jeep Cherokees, Grand Cherokees and substantial-efficiency Grand Cherokee SRTs assembled among January 16 and April 17 of this yr. An estimated 6,100 had been in the U.S., 950 were Canada, 425 have been in Mexico and 3,200 have been outdoors the NAFTA area.

A lot more than half had been in dealer hands or in transit to dealers as Chrysler Group was investigating.

Customers will be contacted when they might routine support, anticipated to be accessible quickly. All related expenses will be borne by Chrysler Group.

In the interim, clients who are concerned may decide on not to activate their cruise-handle methods. Other functions, this kind of as Forward Collision Warning, are unaffected because they perform independently.

Clients with added inquiries may phone Chrysler Group’;s Consumer Help Center at one-800-853-1403.

Statement: Electrical Element Safety

June 5, 2014 , Auburn Hills, Mich. – Chrysler Group is recalling an estimated 21,000 full-size vans – most of which were in dealer hands or in transit to dealers – to inspect and substitute, if required, a variety of electrical elements that support propulsion, airbag deployment and/or external lighting.

Warranty data recognized a little amount of circumstances in which blown fuses have been linked to moisture publicity. In every situation, moisture that was brought into the vehicle by means of wet footwear or other implies had seeped into an in-cabin compartment that houses its battery and other elements.

Chrysler Group is unaware of any relevant injuries or accidents. There are no troubles with the vehicle’;s imperviousness to rain, snow or ice.

The electrical parts will be inspected for signs of corrosion. Moisture-resistant sealant will be utilized to all components, regardless of whether replaced or not.

Affected are 2014 Ram ProMaster full-dimension vans. An estimated 17,700 are in the U.S., 2,400 are in Canada and 900 are in Mexico. Most were in dealer hands or in transit to dealers as Chrysler Group was investigating.

Impacted buyers will be suggested when they may possibly routine services. All associated expenses will be borne by Chrysler Group.

Consumers who are concerned may phone Chrysler Group’;s Customer Support Center at one-800-853-1403.

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