Chris Harris finds the Jaguar F-Type R Coupe rather drifty

Chris Harris on Drive

Our own Matt Davis may possibly have called the new Jaguar F-Kind R Coupe “1 heady rascal,” but our assessment was disappointingly brief on drifting, tire smoke and common, English shenanigans. You know, the sort of issues that Chris Harris from Drive excels at.

Truly, relative to Harris’; other evaluations, this 1 is rather critical. There is a very good recap of the F-Variety on the road, with Harris referencing the car’;s “fantastic bottom” and “remarkable ass,” fairly regularly. Remarkably, Harris says the more strong F-Kind R is just “incrementally” more rapidly than the 495-horsepower F-Variety V8 S Convertible. Following the on-street portion, it truly is off to the track. You can most likely predict what goes on there. General, aside from some quibbles, Harris has nothing at all but praise for the newest cat.

We’;ve received the complete video offered below. Scroll down, have a appear and let us know what you consider in Comments.

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