Chop Shop Operation Defrauded Insurance Companies: DA

A South Bay guy accused of working a chop shop operation aimed at taking benefit of car insurance coverage policies was officially charged Thursday afternoon. NBC 7’;s Artie Ojeda reports.

 A South Bay guy accused of working a chop store operation aimed at taking advantage of car insurance coverage policies was officially charged Thursday afternoon.

William Joslin, 43, pleaded not guilty to working the chop store out of his Paradise Hills residence and to 10 much more counts of defrauding insurance companies.

Deputy District Lawyer Luis Mendez explained Joslin recruited men and women who were behind on their automobile or truck payments — and wanted to get out from below them — to help his scheme.

From Nov. 2012 to this year, Joslin is accused of convincing the owners to park their autos at a previously agreed-on location and then phone 911 to report their vehicle had been stolen.

Mendez stated Joslin would then get the vehicles to a chop shop, strip them for components, sell them for personal profit and get rid of the vehicle’s shell.

The owners would gather their insurance coverage company payouts to cover their “losses.” 

This scheme was repeated at least 10 times with BMWs, Acuras and Nissans, prosecutors said, and the fraudulent payouts could be in the ballpark of $ 25,000.

Given that the situation is still below investigation, the car owners could also encounter criminal charges in the future.

Mendez stated this kind of crime has direct public costs simply because absolutely everyone who has car insurance will most likely have to pay more due to these fraudulent claims.

“It’s leading to losses when they didn’t genuinely happen, and so for that reason they are artificially inflating the costs by leading to the insurance coverage firms to cover a lot more losses than they normally would,” stated Mendez.

Joslin’;s defense lawyer said that declare is nonsense, including that if your insurance costs go up, it won’;t be simply because of Joslin. 

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