Central Basin Director Chacon Responds to 2010 Car Accident, Media Flap Surrounding Incident

Central Basin Water Board Director Art Chacon.

Central Basin Water Board Director Ar2rk Chacon.

By Randy Economic climate and Brian Hews

2 individuals have come forward to Hews Media Group-Neighborhood News to dispute the articles of articles published in the Whittier Everyday News and posted on the internet on the information radio website KPCC about Central Basin Water Director Ar2rk Chacon.

Moe Masanian of Montebello and former Director Ed Vasquez have provided HMG-CN statements that directly contradict information in the articles the 2 news shops broke last week relating to Chacon.

The content articles centered all around a Nov 4, 2010 car accident Chacon was concerned in on the 710 freeway at 5:40 p.m. 

Given that the publishing of the articles or blog posts, Chacons adversaries on the board have been rapid to criticize and give estimates to each Whittier Everyday News and Pasadena primarily based public radio station KPCC. Chacon claims the articles are politically motivated and that the 2 news shops are publishing propaganda, ignoring crucial facts and publishing false stories.

Chacon was not on the occupation

Vasquez confirmed that Masanian, who is an lively leader in the Armenian church in Montebello, known as him and Chacon a combined 3 occasions to check out the site on Lincoln Avenue in Montebello.

The project, which caused key problems on Lincoln, was a $ thirty million Southeast Recycled Water Venture (SWRP) that ran from South Whittier to the Montebello Golf Program. Pacifica Providers, owned by Ernie Camacho, obtained the engineering and project management contract for the occupation.

Chacon stated for the record, which was confirmed to HMG-CN by Director Ed Vasquez, that he was at the Central Basin headquarters in Commerce the afternoon of Nov. 4, with both Director Vasquez and then Standard Manager Art Aguilar current, when the third get in touch with was acquired about the troubles with the undertaking in Montebello.

Chacon explained he informed each Vasquez and Aguilar he was going to go to the internet site, and they the 2 acknowledged Chacons selection.

Sources informed HMG-CN that Aguilar, soon after the Nov. 4 accident, also informed CB insurance coverage carrier, the Joint Powers Insurance Authority based mostly in La Palma, that Chacon was on the jobwhen he went to Montebello.

But in a deposition connected to the Pacifica lawsuit, a business Aguilar and former indicted Assemblyman Tom Calderon brought into Central Basin in 2007, Aguilar modified his model of the specifics of the incident story and denied that Chacon told him he was going to Montebello to carry out a site inspection of the work contracted with Pacifica.

HMG-CN published an post with supporting paperwork last yr that showed Aguilar altered numerous no-bid contracts in favor of Pacifica without having Board approval, totaling  $ 5 million.

When advised of  Aguilars statement, Curtis Parvin attorney for CB explained,  in regards to Aguilars testimony [at the deposition] it is not consistent with my recollection of what he informed me, and I am quite disappointed Aguilar explained that.

Even more evidence that Chacon was on the occupation was the $ 63,000 employees compensation settlement he acquired below situation amount ADJ8044889. An employee cannot obtain workers compensation settlement unless they have been on the job when the accident occurred.

Chacon told HMG-CN that, one particular of our constituents asked me to come out and see the mess on Lincoln Ave and thats what I did. I essential to see the mess so I could then contact Pacifica and complain. Thats what we are elected to do, serve the men and women.

Chacon ‘did not have car insurance’

A source at CB advised HMG-CN that CBs insurance carrier JPIA acts just like a standard insurance company. JPIAs policy with Central Basin is made up of terms, conditions, and exclusions equivalent to all other insurance coverage policies.

The large-level source went on to say, JPIAs policy does not exclude CB Directors from car insurance if they do not have a legitimate drivers license, as a result  Director Chacon had insurance coverage below CBs policy at the time of the accident. The lack of a license is not a basis for to deny coverage.

Chacon ‘received a car allowance without a valid drivers license’

The 2 KPCC and the Whittier Daily News wrote about Chacon getting a $ 590 monthly vehicle allowance even even though as of final Friday Feb. 28, Department of Motors Vehicle data demonstrate he does not have a license.

JPIA continues to deny coverage of the accident claims to CB and Chacon with Robert Gokoo, attorney for JPIA, telling KPCC that the inspection of Lincoln Avenue had nothing at all to do with Chacons duties.

This delay, and the pending lawsuit, continue to be on Chacons DMV record, prohibiting him from acquiring a drivers license for the previous 3 years.

KPCC and the Whittier Every day News somehow left that essential stage out,an indignant Chacon stated.

The KPCC on-line post also mentioned that present Directors Leticia Vasquez and James Roybal have been  never ever informed about the lawsuit payout.

“I had spoken to all the Directors over the past several months of my intention to settle a quantity of worker and director connected issues,”  General Manager Tony Perez informed HMG-CN.

“Central Basin’s insurance carrier is at present dealing with Bob Apodaca’s multimillion dollar sexual battery and harassment lawsuit with more possible victims in the wings. Leticia Vasquez is shaking down vendors for payoffs and is facing nevertheless yet another recall. James Roybal has been banished to Los Angeles Unified College District’s notorious ‘Teacher’s Jail.’ “I believe if I was them, I’d be utilizing no matter what resources accessible to deflect what’s actually going on wrong at Central Basin as well,” Chacon mentioned.

Board President Phil Hawkins,  when reached for comment, had only to say that he wished that members of the Board could discover a way to perform together alternatively of against each other for the excellent of the people we signify.  “We may not usually agree, but we need to keep in mind why we have been elected in the first location.” 

“Since serving side by side with Director Chacon, he has shown to be a strong advocate for his constituents, and this is why it did not shock me that he was driving to go investigate a complaint pertaining to Pacifica. It’s unfortunate he had an automobile accident in the program of his duties as a public servant,” Hawkins stated.

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