Car insurers call for safer automobile repairs

Six motor insurers have pooled their assets in order to improve the regular and efficiency of motor car accident repairs in Malta. 

The initiative, dubbed MIRE (Motor Insurance coverage Repairs Efficiency), has now been working for over a yr and is currently being led by Task Manager Ian Clutton, who has above 35 years’ expertise working in the Uk in the automotive physique restore and insurance industries.

The insurers are: Atlas Insurance coverage, Elmo Insurance, Fogg Insurance coverage Companies, GasanMamo Insurance, Middlesea Insurance and Montaldo Insurance coverage Company Ltd.

Amid a number of initiatives that have been taken up currently, the insurers have now agreed to begin using only repairers that have been accredited by the Specifications and Metrology Institute of the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority. 

Mr Clutton explained that with the influx of newer automobiles to Malta, also as a consequence of the scrappage schemes, it is now essential to ensure that the accident repairs would be carried out in accordance to internationally recognised makers-authorized requirements that would guarantee that the vehicles are repaired in a protected method.

“Modern autos are constructed employing substantial strength resources and contain advanced technology that is developed to protect the security of the driver and passengers. If the wrong tools is employed, or an incorrect repair method followed, this could effortlessly jeopardise the security of the vehicle and its occupants,” Mr Clutton explained. 

“We therefore want to be assured that the repairer carrying out the repair work has been inspected and accredited by the Standards and Metrology Institute of MCCAA and meets the needed normal,” he extra. 

“New building components and processes existing a distinctive challenge to the motor vehicle repair sector, and the MIRE task is committed to help all these involved in making sure protected and quality repairs that do not endanger the safety or functionality of the vehicle.”

Ing. Francis P Farrugia, Head of Standardisation, explained that the common for repairers has been in spot for a amount of years and had been defined with the input of all stakeholders which includes repairers, insurers and assessors. “Our group of inspectors visit every single repairer at least once a 12 months to make certain that the common SM1400:2013 is currently being met, and in which discrepancies are identified, the repairer is provided a record of specifications and a timeline within which these must be met.”

Asked about how this decision will effect the general public, Adrian Galea, Director Common of the Malta Insurance Association, mentioned that from now on they would be anticipated to pick a repairer that is authorized by the Specifications and Metrology Institute of MCCAA. 

“It is right after all in the owner’s curiosity as properly that his or her car is repaired by a person who has the needed education and tools to do the work properly,” he additional. “Motor insurers are no longer ready to pay for repairs that are carried out by men and women who have picked not to be licensed and then face the chance of even more critical accidents occurring as the vehicle would not have been repaired safely.” 

Moreover, he explained, accepted repairers are also obliged to provide a assure of workmanship for a 24-month period.

Speaking on behalf of the Association’s Committee, Brian Fsadni, Secretary of the Collision Repairers Association which represents garages authorized by the MCCAA, mentioned that the CRA fully supported this initiative. 

“We do suggest that vehicle owners make certain that repairs to their cars are undertaken at authorized garages. Only in such instances can the proprietor be reassured that repairs on the car have been carried out in a safe manner for the driver, the passengers and all people who use our roads. Apart from the vehicle’s look, it is important to have repairs carried out in a accountable method and by individuals who are licensed to carry out this kind of repairs according to the manufacturer’s specs.  We as a result urge these repairers who are not yet authorized, to seek out further information and apply for this kind of certification without any additional delay.”

Mr Galea confirmed that this initiative has also received the assistance of the Malta Chamber of Motor Assessors.

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