Bulk of Brits Would Agree To 20mph Limit In Urban Places

Thursday, 03/04/2014

Street security charity Brake, in conjunction with insurance coverage group Allianz, just lately asked a number of drivers what they feel about reducing speed limits in built up areas. The outcomes recommend that most individuals agree with lowering the speed restrict in urban regions to 20mph. Residential streets, villages and town and city centres could be about to be slowed down if Brake gets its way above the 20mph pace limit.

The Brake and Allianz survey figures have been quoted in a information report by Yahoo! Automobiles:

“Of the one,000 people surveyed, 78% backed the 20mph campaign run by Brake, with 72% saying roads in their town or village require to be made safer for walking.

The survey results come as Brake these days requires its GO 20 campaign to Parliament, calling on MPs to help the introduction of 20mph as the default urban pace restrict.

Brake stated that places in which 20mph limits have been introduced have observed casualty charges fall, with Portsmouth recording a 22% dip in casualties and Camden in north London seeing crashes minimize by 54%.

Other regions the place 20mph limits have been imposed contain the City of London, Birmingham, Newcastle on Tyne and Edinburgh.”

With decrease pace limits on our urban roads it appears most likely that casualties will be considerably diminished and generating our roads safer, and that can only be a very good thing!

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