Buick Regal GS and troupe of basketball dribblers make great beats

Screencap from a YouTube video for the Buick Regal GS produced by Kurt Hugo Schneider

The 166 videos posted by YouTube music video maestro Kurt Hugo Schneider have been watched practically half a billion times. When Coke desired to do one thing musically inclined and a little various, it called KHS, and the outcome was the video Little Talks.

Buick appears to be the up coming blue chip in line, and KHS’; melodic celebration of the 259-horsepower Regal GS is referred to as Epic Basketball + Automobile Beat. In it, a red Regal sits at center court in Venice Seaside, California whilst a cast of ridiculous dribblers make music with and around the sedan.

We’;ll let the music speak for itself, which it does very properly in the video under.

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