British Motorists Reject Velocity Cameras As A Road Security Measure

Tuesday, 25/03/2014

Virtually half (45%) of British motorists think that velocity cameras do not enhance road security in any way, according to a latest Be Wiser Insurance coverage Poll.

The poll also asked no matter whether common pace cameras make the roads safer.

Much less than half (42%) of respondents believe common speed cameras do make roads safer than regular pace cameras, however the vast majority took the opportunity to suggest that typical pace cameras do not positively contribute to street safety at all.

Respondents commented that there were a host of problems presented by the various sorts of velocity cameras.

Some commented that motorists finish up “speedo viewing” as an alternative of getting their eyes on the street in average velocity camera areas.

Others commented on the overreaction to velocity cameras – have been a motorist might abruptly (and unexpectedly) brake sharply, or slow down to a considerably reduced velocity.

Only a tiny 13% believe that “standard” velocity cameras make the roads safer than average velocity cameras.

Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, feedback:

“It truly is apparent that there is dissatisfaction with the way speed cameras affect other street consumers. When travelling down the motorway motorists never want to be surrounded by drivers who will either slam on their brakes at the sight of a velocity camera, or usually be viewing their “speedos” to guarantee they are within the restrict. This isn’;t about it getting proper or wrong about speed it’;s about what can make motorists really feel unsafe.”

Nearby velocity cameras were universally considered a very good deterrent for speeding by way of villages and towns.

Mark Bower-Dyke remarks:

“Most damaging comments concerning speed cameras arise from situations featuring motorways – really handful of individuals have troubles with regular pace cameras on quiet roads or outdoors villages. Motorists are mindful that the consequences of other drivers could do the most injury by way of carelessness or overreaction, and the responses here reflect this.”

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