BMW i8’s three-cylinder sounds like it really is shaping up quite nicely

BMW i8 instrument cluster

We’;ve run across some rather fascinating information… or maybe we must say exciting sounds. The people from Bimmerpost have scrounged up a quick video displaying a preproduction BMW i8 working via a number of gears in Sport mode at a rapid speed, and if you were concerned that the somewhat eco-friendly nature of the upcoming German sports automobile would neuter its capability to stir the aural senses, fret not.

Judging by the pretty noise coming from the engine compartment of the i8 in the video, BMW’;s experience in tuning large-strung, small-bore engines – remember, BMW Motorrad has really the penchant for nicely-conceived motorcycle engines – has come through loud and clear. Now, it really is worth mentioning that BMW’;s controversial Lively Sound engineering will be integrated with the i8, so the production auto may not sound specifically like this model, which is working with the tech disabled. Owners won’;t have the capability to disable Active Sound on production i8s.

In connected information, Bimmerpost reports that BMW will equip the i8 with an external Energetic Sound Layout system to go along with its Pedestrian Safety Method. That means individuals on the outside will very likely hear piped engine recordings from the rear and a kind of “howl” from the front in order to warn pedestrians that the otherwise quiet (when operating on electrical power, that is) car is approaching. It will also feature technology that can end the automobile before contacting a pedestrian.

With all that out of the way, we recommend you scroll down below to hear the approaching i8 creating its presence identified via some rather glorious-sounding musical combustion.

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