Birmingham’s new food truck laws stopping church from feeding homeless [w/video]

Birmingham food truck

New rules in Birmingham, AL set greater requirements for foods trucks working in that neighborhood – namely that they should receive permits from the regional well being department. The rules, on the books considering that January 1 of this 12 months, have also had the unintended consequence of preventing at least one particular church from distributing food to homeless city residents.

An ABC affiliate just lately filed a report, stating that Birmingham church Lords Property of Prayer has been barred by the police from delivering meals to the homeless residents of the city’;s Linn Park. Minister Rick Wood mentioned the police informed him he could no longer distribute foods except if he had the 2 a foods truck and the suitable permit.

According to the report, the new foods truck needs were place in spot to safeguard brick-and-mortar eating places from getting their consumers poached by foods trucks, which have the rewards of lower overhead and portability. Whilst the stoppage of Minister Wood’;s charitable meals delivery appears to be an unforeseen byproduct, there is no word however as to the city offering special dispensation for non-revenue or religious organizations. Comply with on below for the full video report from ABC 33/forty.

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