Biker in Scotland liable for accident involving motorbike he offered

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A guy in Scotland could be saddled with 1000’;s of bucks in bills caused by a motorbike crash that he had absolutely nothing to do with. The tragic incident occurred when Paul Duffy sold his bike, and the new owner was in a fatal accident on it a handful of days later. Nonetheless, the rider didn’;t have any insurance coverage on the cycle, and Duffy hadn’;t nevertheless canceled his very own policy.

Due to the fact Duffy nonetheless had insurance on the bike, his insurer claims that he could be liable for the harm. By offering the bike, the organization thinks that Duffy granted the new owner “permission” to trip it, according to the Daily Record. The enterprise could get Duffy to court to recoup the money that it paid out.

Duffy told the paper that he believed that marketing the motorbike also ended his responsibility for it. “I am effectively possessing to shell out for an uninsured driver having a fatal accident,” he said to the Everyday Record.

To make the whole scenario even sadder, Duffy is reportedly recovering from leukemia and will take care of his disabled wife. He’;s now warning other riders to make confident to cancel their policies as soon as they promote their cycles.

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  1. Paul Duffy

    Please keep sharing this as my wife and I are going through hell. We would hate for this to happen to anyone else.


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