Bernie Ecclestone favors relaxing fuel-restriction rules in Formula 1: F1 boss says that making it possible for teams a lot more fuel could also support deliver back engine noise

F1 boss says that making it possible for teams much more fuel could also aid carry back engine noise

By: Adam Cooper on April 6, 2014

Bernie Ecclestone wants to bring some of the roar back to Formula One.

LAT PHOTOGRAPHIC – Bernie Ecclestone wants to deliver some of the roar back to Formula A single.

Bernie Ecclestone on Sunday in Bahrain repeated his opposition to the present Formula 1 guidelines, and hinted that the 100 kg/h fuel allowance could be increased.

1 theory is that as well as lowering the need for economic system, much more fuel implies that teams may well run greater revs, which would enhance the sound — they are running nowhere close to the 15,000 rpm limit — there is a larger image with regard to the relative fuel efficiency of the 3 engines. People most against the principles as they stand do not have Mercedes energy.

“What is incorrect is these great engines,” Ecclestone said. “The engines, with no any doubt, are incredible, the quantity of power they generate for the small sum of fuel. I do not consider that’;s F1 organization. They ought to be in touring cars or some thing, not F1. I believe what’;s critical is that the teams know the dilemma, the engine manufacturers know the issue, and they’;re making an attempt to sort things out.

“I believe everybody’;s complaining, really. Even Mercedes I think. I never like individuals not getting content.”

Asked about the race promoters he mentioned, “They’;re all anxious that if they shed spectators, they are going to be in difficulty, naturally.”

Regarding what could be done, he explained, “I feel they can do some thing about the noise. They need one more 10 kgs of fuel, or one thing.”

The latter is an unrealistic target offered that the teams developed their vehicles about a fuel tank tailored to the 100 kgs limit, with a little margin for the laps to the grid and for the journey to parc ferme… The substitute would be to shorten the races, which Ecclestone explained would not take place.

Ecclestone seemed bemused when advised that some teams didn’;t even want the complete 25 kgs to finish the Malaysian GP, saying, “You’;ve got some info I have not got.”

He insisted that he wasn’;t out to handicap Mercedes.

“Mercedes with no a doubt have done a much better task,” Ecclestone stated. “They should not be punished for undertaking a greater occupation. We should not modify the laws to punish them.”

He also offered a much less adverse view of the circumstance. “There’;s one more way of hunting at it,” he stated. “Will individuals get utilised to the way it is these days. If that is the situation, good.”

Luca di Montezemolo is also on board for modifications to the existing principles, but insists that he doesn’;t want to rein in Mercedes by implementing these alterations in 2014.

“We want to increase the value, passion, the accomplishment of F1,” di Montezemolo said. “The 3 troubles are we cannot have an F1 that is an vitality/fuel economy formula, we have to push from the 1st lap until finally the final. If an engine drinks significantly less fuel, great, it indicates that you can do the race with much less fuel if you want.

“This is one level. The public does not like a taxi driver that has to respect the fuel, this is not F1. The 2nd difficulty is the music of the engine, not the noise, the music of the engine, that is F1, and the third is that the guidelines are too challenging, especially for the individuals on the track, how can they recognize the fuel meters? It’;s actually difficult.

“We have to do a formula that is much less complex. For the quick time, it is great not to do anything, but perhaps there are some ideas that we can share together, I emphasize collectively, to increase the predicament. Due to the fact I do not like to believe even to feel of the possibility of the F1 decline.”

When it was recommended that Ferrari and Renault need to have to do a better work, he insisted that his disappointment was practically nothing to do with Ferrari’;s recent efficiency.

“You make a large confusion, as often occurs when items are not clear. What I am saying is absolutely nothing to do with the right now principles. Ferrari has presently stated that they have been towards the restrict of fuel, simply because this is not F1, and I advised final Christmas in front of all the journalists that I was very afraid that the new formula implies that the drivers are taxi drivers. But this is nothing at all to do with the right now formula.

“We have to take auto of some indications from the public to seem ahead and to change some thing without having interfering with the nowadays rules. I believe if someone is in the lead, as is Mercedes, it truly is definitely proper not to change anything now, even if reduce, it’;s a proposal from Bernie Ecclestone, one particular lap, just to give the public the feeling that you can push from the begin to the end, it doesn’;t alter something for anybody.

“Ferrari, with the rules of these days, they have to be far more competitive, so I’;m pushing to be far more aggressive. It truly is not a query to modify the guidelines now. For the potential, it really is a distinct predicament.”

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