Auto crash victim wins Dh1m compensation

Dubai: A cook who became a quadriplegic following a automobile accident has been granted Dh1 million in compensation.

Medical reports confirmed the 47-year-previous Indian employee had lost the potential to eat, drink and go to the washroom by himself and needed 24-hour help.

The accident happened in 2012 when the Emirati driver fell asleep. The worker was sitting in the back seat of the car.

The Dubai Appeal Court ordered the insurance organization to pay Dh1 in civil compensation to the employee, A.K.

A.K.’s lawyer Karunagappally Shamsudeen of Al Kabban and Associates, lodged a civil lawsuit towards the insurance organization in search of Dh2 million in compensation.

“The insurance organization has a civic responsibility in the direction of A.K. The latter became a quadriplegic following the accident. The Emirati driver was convicted and punished for being responsible for the accident. Thinking about that the auto was insured at the insurance organization, then the latter is obliged to compensate the victim as per the Civil Procedures Law,” said Shamsudeen.

Records said the Indian man had worked as a cook in Abu Dhabi for 17 many years. He was travelling from Abu Dhabi to Fujairah with the Emirati driver and one more guy when the accident took place.

The driver was tired and abruptly fell asleep ahead of losing control of the motor vehicle, which overturned on Dubai Bypass Road.

Court information said A.K. was admitted to Rashid Hospital exactly where he was hospitalised for 3 months and underwent surgery.

He has because been repatriated.

“A.K. sustained medical, physical, fiscal and moral damages following the accident. He can’;t eat, drink, stroll or use his hands or legs or even use the washroom with no a long term escort,” Shamsudeen talked about in the lawsuit.

A court-assigned healthcare committee examined the claimant and made a decision his health-related problem would not enhance.

The victim sustained a 25 per cent long term disability, according to the committee’s report.

Sources informed Gulf Information that the insurance coverage business had presently deposited the Dh1 million in the court’s accounts.

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