Australian Grand Prix marks hard Ferrari comeback for Kimi Räikkönen: Räikkönen drove the No.7 F14 T auto to a seventh-spot finish

Räikkönen drove the No.7 F14 T auto to a 6th-spot finish

By: Adam Cooper on March 17, 2014

Kimi Raikkonen actually finished eighth in the Australian Grand Prix, but Daniel Ricciardo's disqualification moved him into 6th.

LAT PHOTOGRAPHIC – Kimi Raikkonen actually completed eighth in the Australian Grand Prix, but Daniel Ricciardo’;s disqualification moved him into 6th.

Ferrari returnee Kimi Räikkönen left Formula One’s Australian Grand Prix with a 6th-place finish right after Daniel Ricciardo’s exclusion gifted him a spot, but it certainly wasn’t an easy weekend for the Finnish driver.

A crash in qualifying was just a single of his issues as he struggled to come to terms with the new F14 T automobile, and he was witnessed locking up in the race.

“The brakes are fine we had a minor concern with it at the beginning of the race,” he said. “But then we grained the front tire, and certainly when you do that, you really do not have the grip on the front, then you lock really very easily, and it understeers. That is the principal issue. It is not the brakes, it’s a blend of things. At times it will get a bit tough.

“Unfortunately proper now it’s not the simplest thing, but I’m sure we will find a answer for it at some stage. It is not the 1st time I’ve been in a circumstance that’s not simple, and we’ll function right up until we resolve the things. If it will take a week, a month, I don’t care. It is not the 1st time, that is how it goes some occasions.”

Asked about the prospects for improving the predicament, he extra, “We know far more or much less what we want to do. Clearly it’s not occurring overnight. It will take time to create particular elements or a particular way putting the factors. We are not able to guarantee that we’re going to resolve the situation after we get one thing that we want.

“We can hope that it will work, but like I explained I’ve been in circumstances just before, and sometimes it requires a although. Regrettably, not the most easy place right now, but looking how hard everything was, we still received something out. Naturally, not what we want to attain, but it could have been even worse. I’m certain we can only get better from right here.

“I think if we can run the weekend without any concerns, and the race without issues, I’m certain we can be a lot more powerful. This is how it was here, and hopefully we can sort out most of the items for the following race.

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