Audi site visitors light recognition could save 240 million gallons of fuel [UPDATE]

Audi Online traffic light information system Audi Online traffic light information systemAny hypermiler will tell you that the way you drive your automobile has a massive influence on how significantly energy it employs. But these greenfoot drivers haven’;t had a auto that’;s intelligent enough to inform them about the inner lives of site visitors lights. That’;s what a prototype method in an Audi A6 Saloon that the German automaker not too long ago tested in Las Vegas can do. Since the auto can communicate with local traffic signals and is capable to predict when lights will change, the automobile can help minimize CO2 emissions by up to 15 percent. Even more, Audi says that the system could conserve some 238 million gallons of fuel (900 million liters), if deployed across Germany. We can only picture what hypermilers could do with this.

We received to drive the Audi On the internet visitors light information program prototype in January, but we centered far more on how the system worked rather than the green aspect. Now that Audi has had a bit far more time to crunch the numbers, it has released fuel economy data for the connected car. The key points for the eco-side of factors are that the driver is advised in the dashboard how quickly/slow to go to hit the subsequent green light. This can aid prevent pointless speeding and or inspire drivers to go a bit more quickly in purchase to hit the green, as a result avoiding idling and wasted time.

The technique is as well wise to allow you idle for lengthy.

Except that Audi On the web is as well wise to allow you idle for extended. The Audi connect technique can determine how significantly longer the light will be red and can access the car’;s begin-stop capabilities and will fire up the engine “5 seconds prior to the green phase.” That seems like an awful lengthy time in a planet in which competitors have figured out methods to restart an engine in .35 seconds. We’;ve asked Audi for an explanation on why this buffer is so lengthy, and will let you know what the reasoning is when we hear back.

Regardless of the trials in the A6, Audi says the Audi On the internet site visitors technique could be integrated into any Audi model, “topic to the necessary government legislation.” Aside from the Sin City tests, Audi is operating trials of the linked automobile in Verona, Italy and Berlin, Germany. If you’;d like to check it out yourself some day, get heart from this line in the press release, obtainable below: “A market launch is presently the subject of extreme evaluation in the United States.”

*UPDATE: Audi’;s Mark Dahncke advised AutoblogGreen that the 5 2nd window is meant, “To alert the driver that the light is about to flip green. In other words, get prepared to drive.”

AUDI Targeted traffic LIGHT RECOGNITION Technology COULD Save Millions OF LITRES OF FUEL


Marketplace maturity for targeted traffic light ne2rking represents the next phase of Audi connect

  • Audi On the web visitors light details system has the possible to save time and fuel
  • 15 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions feasible
  • Program alerts driver to speed essential to reach the up coming green light
  • Entirely developed prototype system showcased in an Audi A6 Saloon at CES
  • Integrated into Audi connect and MMI, and compatible with each and every Audi model
Audi is ready to add a minor oil to the wheels of the every day grind with advanced site visitors light recognition engineering which could make driving by way of towns and cities far a lot more fluid and totally free of irritating and economy-denting red light punctuation.

Audi On the web site visitors light info harnesses the electrical power of in-auto net in a new way via Audi connect to set up a hyperlink between the vehicle and the targeted traffic light ne2rk through the central visitors personal computer in every single town or city. It rapidly assimilates the automated targeted traffic light alter sequences in the vicinity, and on the strategy to a set of lights the Driver Information System (DIS) found in the central instrument cluster then shows the driver the speed to decide on in order to pass through the light throughout a green phase. It also displays a visual support using red, amber or green icons.

If the driver is presently waiting at a red light, Audi connect will determine and count down the time remaining until the subsequent green light is scheduled to appear by means of a timer on the DIS. The system also interacts with the car’;s Start-Cease function to make sure the engine is switched on 5 seconds before the green phase.

Audi AG calculates that On the web targeted traffic light interaction has the possible to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 15 per cent, and could save approximately 900 million litres of fuel if it had been to be deployed all through Germany.

The totally practical technique is now production ready and could be fitted to every single Audi model in the selection subject to the necessary government legislation. It was actively demonstrated just lately on the busy Las Vegas freeways in an Audi A6 Saloon as component of a trailblazing technologies show at the Customer Electronics Demonstrate, and comprehensive testing continues in Las Vegas with 50 sets of site visitors lights. Testing is also underway in the northern Italian city of Verona, in which some 60 site visitors lights covering nearly the whole city centre are involved, and in Berlin, the place 25 Audi clients are driving autos fitted with Online targeted traffic info that can website link up to a total of 1,000 visitors lights in the city. A market launch is presently the subject of extreme analysis in the United States.

On-line site visitors light information shared the stage with a host of technological advances from the Vorsprung durch Technik brand at this year’;s CES, which represented the subsequent phase in seamless connectivity among Audi versions, their drivers and the rest of the digital planet. Considerable developments in Audi piloted parking and driving were demonstrated, with the central emphasis on an Audi A7 Sportback that can drive totally autonomously in moving targeted traffic. Another immersive innovation is the Audi Smart Display, an Android-based mostly tablet that allows consumers to interact with in-automobile controls but can also be utilized as a standalone transportable gadget in the property or on the move.

The Sport quattro laserlight notion also exposed the up coming generation of Audi lighting. The large-beam laser light unit can illuminate the street by up to 500 metres and will debut on the R18 e-tron quattro sports activities prototype at Le Mans in June.

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Audi designs see the light to trim down visitors queues – The evolution of the ‘connected car’; is continuing apace at Audi as demonstrated by its most recent manufacturing-prepared driver help technological innovation which permits interactivity with city site visitors lights.

Note to Editors

In 2013 Audi attained very best ever throughout the world income of 1,575,500 vehicles, an 8.3 per cent improvement more than 2012. Product sales in the United kingdom improved by 14.9 per cent year-on-12 months to 142,040 cars, establishing an additional record and elevating the brand to the lead place in revenue terms in the premium sector for the very first time. To preserve this powerful efficiency the brand programs to invest about €22 billion – largely in new products and sustainable technologies – between now and 2018. Audi lives up to its corporate duty and has strategically established the principle of sustainability for its merchandise and processes. The long-term purpose is CO2-neutral mobility. This philosophy also applies to the brand’;s sports activities automobile racing pursuits, in which Audi manufactured history in 2012 by winning the Le Mans 24-hour race utilizing pioneering hybrid diesel technological innovation in the R18 e-tron quattro. It went on to repeat the efficiency in the 2013 race, taking the total number of Audi victories there to twelve. This year’;s all-new 2014 R18 e-tron quattro will aim to carry on this outstanding run of achievement.

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