Are you Ford’s next Bullitt Mustang? [w/poll]

Ford Mustang Bullitt

Ford has a long historical past of offering unique editions of its legendary Mustang. One of the most vaunted of those trim packages, even though, has only been provided twice. The first time was in 2001, and then yet again in 2008. Yes, we’;re speaking about the Bullitt.

Named for the infamous Dark Highland Green Mustang Fastback driven by Steve McQueen in the 1968 cop melodrama Bullitt, the auto was well-known for not just its pilot, but the substantial-pace chase it took portion in throughout the film. Now, we feel we have photographs of the following Bullitt.

According to our spy photographers, the paint is a “dead-ringer” for the Dark Highland Green that has signified these special edition Mustangs. While we’;re inclined to agree, it really is also well worth pointing out that this shade appears really comparable to a single of the 2015’;s other new colors, Guard. We have however to see 1 on the street (let alone in such dreary situations), so it’;s tough to say for particular.

Other essential things that may possibly single this car out as a new Bullitt incorporate its wheels. The as-nevertheless-unseen pattern isn’;t of the Torq-Thrust variety like Bullitt editions, but the cues are clear. The sole item in the grille is an unbarred, galloping pony, whilst the Mustang bars on the rear badge are straight chrome, rather than red, white and blue. The expected “5.” badges have been scrubbed for a cleaner physical appearance, nicely.

Now, the Autoblog office is pretty split as to regardless of whether this is the actual deal or simply a 2015 painted in Guard and wearing a set of new wheels, specifically as this would seem to be awfully early for Ford to be this far in advancement on a Bullitt model (which has normally come a bit later in each generation’;s lifecycle). We want to know what you think. We’;ve received a solid gallery of pictures at the prime of the web page, so scroll up, get a look and then head down to our poll and allow us know what you feel this auto is. As per normal, we’;d also really like to hear from you in Feedback.

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