Apple helps make waves, Caddy causes controversy

March eleven, 2014 – twelve:01 am ET

Visible Measures

This week’;s hottest new auto brand viral video to make our record is … an Apple merchandise?

Yes, Apple is getting into the center stack. At the 2014 Geneva automobile demonstrate last week, the tech giant announced CarPlay, a merchandise that will take an iPhone show and helps make it car pleasant through touch-display and voice handle. The video is made by Volvo Cars, 1 of the first automakers to introduce CarPlay into its automobiles. The spot outlines a lot of of CarPlay’;s characteristics, including temperature handle, navigation, music, messages, and a lot more. It comes in at No. 3 with 520,294 views.

Also new this week is Cadillac’;s business for its plug-in ELR, first aired during the 2014 Winter Olympics. In the spot, actor Neal McDonough casts the ELR in the light of American exceptionalism and innovation with not-so-subtle jabs at unnamed foreign countries. “People other nations think we’;re nuts,” says McDonough in the spot. “No matter what. Were the Wright brothers insane? Bill Gates. Les Paul. Ali.”

Produced by Rogue, the spot has elicited praise for its fresh portrayal of green cars, and criticism for what some view as jingoism. It ranks 4th in Visible Measures checklist of weekly automobile brand viral video clips, with 434,235 views.



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