Annual Car Insurance split in between France and the Uk: Most current, snowHeads ski forum

As Jafa pointed out you have 3rd get together cover for the duration of your policy, this is accurate of any European insurance regardless of which nation it really is in.

Let me clarify a bit further, A Uk registered car (with MOT and Tax) if it is insured has 3rd celebration coverage anywhere in Europe, irrespective of which European country’;s roads it’;s been parked/driven on. This doesn’;t always apply to the totally thorough element of your insurance coverage, but the insurance coverage companies would find it hard to beat the European law if taken to court.

I have had insurance coverage organizations twice try out to not spend for accidents simply because I hadn’;t informed them I was on holiday – I politely explained to them that I wasn’;t any of their enterprise, personally or legally exactly where I was and explained the extremely essentials of European law to them, I then described the insurance coverage ombudsman and claims had been paid – they would all like to get out of paying for anything at all, but verify what you are entitled to, it truly is fairly a lot .

If nonetheless like several british and other non french vehicle owners in Chamonix you will not bother keeping your MOT and Tax up to date you might have some problems (at least the MOT).

United kingdom registered vehicles can be insured in france if they have a french MOT equivalent and are going to commence the process of re registering in France (can consider years). I have numerous close friends who’;s cars are in this procedure, no insurance difficulties.

I have Uk insurance coverage with twelve european cover (in creating) from Adrian Flux, but my car is a Camper Van which tends to make getting the Euro cover considerably easier than on a ‘Hot Hatch’;

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