Angie&#39s Listing: Rental auto suggestions and understanding your obligations

LEWISTON, ID – Households are dreaming of spring break getaways.
You’;ve invested a good deal of time organizing your ideal holiday – from reserving the hotel to researching eating places.

But there’;s one particular factor you might have overlooked. In today’;s Angie’;s Checklist report, how to save money on your vehicle rental.

“If your ideas are pretty definite prepaying is a actually great option,” mentioned Hertz Corporation, Jeff Neiman. “You can conserve up to 20% if you pre-pay. Now, there could be a charge if you cancel so which is acquired to be a quite firm program.”

“A lot of instances individuals rent autos in excess of their trip, but the final thing they want to do is study the details of the agreement on their way to having some entertaining, but it really is crucial,” stated Angie’;s Record Proprietor, Angie Hicks. “You need to have to comprehend what you happen to be accountable for with that vehicle, what transpires if it breaks down, what takes place if you get into an accident? Know specifically what your obligations are.”

“If you have a 6 month travel time, that’;s the best time to do it,” mentioned Neiman. “Most men and women will guide their airfare and their hotel out, and they’;ll wait on the automobile rental. It’;s the exact same principal, the sooner you can book, the much better.”

“Just before you hit the road, call your insurance agent and discover out whether or not they cover you in a rental automobile and what kind of coverage you have,” mentioned Hicks. “Also, you may well examine your credit score card that you use to spend for the rental auto. It may possibly give insurance coverage as well. Examine each of those to find out if there is a gap you want to cover from the rental business.”

“Deal with it like it really is your own,” mentioned Neiman. “What would you do if you got into an accident in your car? You’;d report it to the authorities. You would come back and let the rental automobile firm know and fill out an accident report and go from there.”

Do not purchase unnecessary insurance coverage if you really do not need it. Rental car insurance can price as much as $ 40 a day, and you might already be covered by your existing auto insurance policy or credit card. So figure out your present coverage ahead of you get more.

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