An empty trip bundle from Expedia

Gladys Martin’;s Expedia vacation package deal is missing 2 crucial elements. Must she have to spend for its error?

Q: I’;m creating you about our troubles with a getaway package we booked on Expedia to Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

A handful of weeks prior to our departure, we confirmed our accommodations and rental auto with Expedia. But when we arrived, both the Dollar vehicle rental area and our hotel, the Hostel Tamarindo Backpackers, emphatically denied doing enterprise with Expedia. Both companies claimed Expedia is notorious for overbooking reservations.

We ended up paying out out-of-pocket for a week’;s really worth of hotel ($ 620) and auto rental insurance coverage. Per the Dollar Rental individual, the government of Costa Rica demands that the visitors acquire the auto rental insurance coverage in the country and they will not honor auto rental insurance from abroad.

We reached Expedia from Costa Rica and when we returned home. Soon after hrs on the telephone, quite a few hang-ups, and even finally acquiring a fax amount in which supposedly we must send our receipts and an explanation of what happened so that an Expedia supervisor could resolve the problem (we are requesting a total refund of our hotel), the only response from Expedia was to problem a $ 164 refund, which Expedia claims should account for the complete portion of the income we paid in advance for our space and $ 99 for the rental car insurance.

Could you please place some strain on Expedia to reimburse us for the complete cost we paid for the room, which comes to $ 455? — Gladys Martin, Berea, OH

A: Clearly, Expedia got its wires crossed with each the Hostel Tamarindo Backpackers and Dollar. In a large way.

Expedia must have made certain that you had a confirmed reservation with the hotel and not just a rental vehicle, but also a rental car at the rate it promised you.

Expedia should have fixed this problem whilst you had been nevertheless in Costa Rica, locating you a space and a rental automobile. I’;m disappointed that it didn’;t. By the way, you did the correct thing by phoning Expedia. You required a actual-time resolution, but unfortunately you didn’;t get it. Following that, corresponding with Expedia by fax and e mail worked far better, since you had a significantly-needed paper trail.

In the potential, you may possibly want to make contact with the hotel and automobile rental organization directly, even if you have a confirmation from your online travel agent. Just to be risk-free.

Luckily, this type of glitch appears to be very rare. I contacted Expedia on your behalf, and it reviewed your situation again. Its data present that a refund of $ 455 was currently in process. I am pleased that Expedia eventually did the right factor with no having to be asked.

(Christopher Elliott is the author of “How to Be the World’;s Smartest Traveler (and Save Time, Funds and Hassle)” (Nationwide Geographic). He is also the ombudsman for Nationwide Geographic Traveler magazine and the co-founder of the Consumer Travel Alliance, a nonprofit organization that advocates for travelers. Study far more ideas on his website, or e-mail him at Christopher Elliott receives a fantastic deal of reader mail, which he solutions as swiftly as achievable, but due to the fact of a backlog of circumstances, your story could not be published for many months.)


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