American LaFrance fire engines shuttered soon after a lot more than 180 years


We often talk about firms like Ford and Mercedes-Benz that have their automotive roots more than 100 years in the previous, but those aren’;t the only previous-timers in the business. One particular of the oldest had been American LaFrance, a business that had been developing firefighting cars for more than 180 years. Discover that we stated ‘had been…’;

The company’;s roots go back to 1832 as a firefighting gear maker. It started creating steam-powered, horse-drawn fire engines in the era prior to the internal combustion engine and merged with LaFrance in 1903 to grow to be one particular of America’;s foremost fire engine builders. Sadly, the 21st century was not been so variety to the business. Freightliner purchased it in 1995 and production was moved from North Carolina to South Carolina, but it was offered once again in December 2005. Right after declaring and emerging from bankruptcy in 2008, American LaFrance moved to a smaller factory in Moncks Corner, SC, in 2013.

American LaFrance’;s earlier owner, Patriarch Partners, issued a statement to South Carolina newspaper The Publish and Courier that explained: “Sadly, the company’;s sudden recent financial issue needs the discontinuation of operations in these locations at this time and these facilities are not anticipated to reopen.” Autoblog attempted to get in touch with American LaFrance for comment, but its listed cellphone amount no longer functions. It appears that the brand’;s flame has last but not least been extinguished.

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