A Diverse Sort Of Awesome: The First-Ever Electric Italian Superbike

The 2015 Energica Ego Motorcycle won’t generate that throaty, viscera-jumbling rumble you hear when you fire up a Harley.

It won’t allow you feather the clutch as you cruise by way of town or downshift around a bend.

Nor will it let you be the community great guy tuning the transmission in the driveway (for a single factor, it doesn’t have any gears).

But perhaps you’re a diverse kind of great man.

This stunner–the very first-ever Italian superbike to run exclusively on electricity–will travel about 100 miles on a full charge. And get you there in a blink: Leading velocity is 150 miles per hour, and it will leap to 60 mph in just above 2 seconds. And it looks–and corners–the way any suitable motorbike must (brakes by Brembo, ABS by Bosch).

But even at $ 28,000, direct from the factory in Modena, it’s far better to be risk-free than sorry when it comes to judging the fervor behind Italian motorsport. Following all, they do go quickly.

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