A 1st-individual rally video is just as intense as it sounds

Simon Pagenaud Rallies

Yesterday, we told you about a pair of World Rally Championship drivers that utilised a giant bottle of Corona in place of coolant following their radiator produced a leak. We known as it an illustration of the sense of ingenuity that all rally drivers appear to possess. In that exact same post, we also talked about the “lightning quick reflexes and the capability to turn off one’;s sense of self-preservation.” Now, you get to see that in action.

This is Simon Pagenaud, and even though he may possibly greatest be acknowledged as an IndyCar and sports activities vehicle driver, he is really cozy behind the wheel of a rally auto, as he proves in this video. What can make this vid particular, though, is the first-man or woman view, thanks to the camera Pagenaud fitted to his visor.

The end result is, in a word, amazing. If you considered rallying looked rapidly in flyby shots, it really is received absolutely nothing on how it looks from the driver’;s point of view. Scenery passes at an absurd charge as Pagenaud pushes the Peugeot 207 rally car along the tarmac road. And unlike a whole lot of rally movies, we’;re sure you are going to be happy to know that there’;s no soundtrack right here – just engine noise.

Scroll down for the total video, and get pleasure from.

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