80% of motorists use price tag comparison before renewing car insurance

80% of motorists use cost comparison ahead of renewing car insurance coverage

Price comparison is no longer optional, say British motorists, 80% of whom use a value comparison service to verify their renewal estimates, according to a new survey by SimpleMotoring.co.uk.


A recent survey of much more than 3,800 British motorists discovered that 80% of them ‘always’; or ‘usually’; use a value comparison internet site to compare their renewal estimates with individuals from other companies, just before determining no matter whether to renew with their current insurance coverage provider.

Only 1-in-5 of individuals surveyed mentioned that they did not use price comparison web sites for car insurance — suggesting that comparison is the new norm.

No difference amongst sexes

The survey also identified that there was no important variation among men and women when it came to cost comparison usage.

Whilst a lot more men (52.7%) than ladies (49.4%) explained they ‘always’; used a price tag comparison website to assess their renewal quotes, this was balanced out by a greater variety of females (31.7%) than guys (26.3%) who said they ‘usually’; compared quotes.

Policy comparison is also crucial

These statistics display how quickly price comparison has turn out to be a habit for shoppers, but motorists should keep in mind to consider a crucial appear at what is on provide, and not basically concentrate on value, says Roland Head, the founder of the SimpleMotoring.co.uk website:

“It’;s always tempting to get the least expensive insurance coverage policy obtainable, on the basis that you do not expect to use it. However, some insurance policies are less expensive merely since much more objects are excluded — and may possibly lead to further fees further down the line. For instance, numerous insurers charge an administration fee of £10 or £20 for shifting any of your policy specifics, like your address or auto details.

“Skimping on legal cover can be a false economic climate, also — I know from individual knowledge how useful this can be when it comes to defending oneself in a no-fault declare that is disputed by the other party.

“Finally, some insurers basically supply much better buyer support than other folks in the event of a claim. This can make a huge difference when dealing with what is often a demanding and traumatic event. Elements to take into account contain Uk-primarily based contact centres, extended opening hrs and, if you dwell in an region that is prone to flooding, no matter whether your car will be covered in the event of flood harm.”

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