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2016 Dodge Durango Citadel evaluation: Made to chew up up road miles


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The particular Durango having a V6 is most likely all you will need, although it’s great to know you will get a Hemi

Already been a loooonnnngggg time since i have drove the Durango. It offers a little more of the bad mindset than your own typical hot-selling crossover, plus that’s the compliment. I really like the shape as well as the overall look. The 3rd row is really usable plus it’s furthermore one of the few middle size SUVs you can get having a V8. Within, the quality looks mainly good, and am like FCA’s Uconnect program — it is one of the best about. The company describes in darned near every thing it makes, and am get exactly why. It’s easy to use and easy to move around.

Equipment: Craftsman digital torque wrench tool

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The torque wrench tool is basically necessary when operating under the cover of a vehicle or on the motorcycle. Certain, you can reduce corners plus use a ratchet or whichever other device you have lying down around, yet bust the bolt avoid from overtightening and you’ll have got bigger troubles to deal with.

Show 2: Robosaurus Attacks | CarBoom!

So what can we state about CarBoom!? It’s Autoblog is actually newest movie series and it is nothing but shameless, hedonistic, often pyrotechnic enjoyable. We’re not really sorry.

This week, all of us pit a couple of unlucky clunkers against the goliath Robosaurus. In case you are not familiar with the particular Robosaurus, may giant, fire breathing, dinosaur-shaped automatic robot that simply so occurs have the power and capability to totally mangle some cars. Normally, we had to place it towards the test.

2016 Cadillac CTS V-Sport High quality: Quick get

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The worthy, somewhat saner option to the full-bore CTS-V

Highlights: Bank-vault framework, tons of backseat legroom, excellent noise manage and that awesome knife-edge stealth-sedan exterior design.

Many VW diesel powered owners choosing to sell their particular TDI vehicles back


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Buyback is less expensive for VOLKS WAGEN as it challenges to find repair, report states

Almost half all proprietors affected by the two. 0-liter VOLKS WAGEN TDI arrangement program introduced at the end of 06 have authorized, and most are usually opting to market their vehicles back to Vw, Bloomberg reviews. Some 210, 000 proprietors have already approached the auto maker and pointed out they want VOLKS WAGEN to buy their particular cars back again rather than await the auto maker to say yes to and apply a repair.

Nikola Motors ditches battery-powered partial, looks to hydrogen

Until recently everything Nikola Motor Organization, the company that will essentially left thin air using the goal of creating a absolutely no emission-semi pickup truck, claimed appeared somewhat credible. While the outrageous specifications and promises for the Nikola One elevated some worries, nothing was obviously a red flag, so far. The two-year old organization recently stated that it might completely fall its programs for a battery-powered semi vehicle in favor of one which utilizes hydrogen.

Rather than using a 320-kWh battery pack as well as a fuel-agnostic generator, the company is definitely looking towards the custom-built hydrogen-electric 800V gas cell. Nikola Motors furthermore claims that will its Nikola One may have a range of over 1, two hundred miles in between fill-ups and may get almost 20 mile per gallon, all whilst emitting 0 emission. The idea to visit from a battery-powered truck to some hydrogen-powered the first is confusing for a couple reasons.