2016 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG resurfaces for a far better search

2016 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG spy shot

With a new 2015 C-Class presently upon us, we’;ve acknowledged it is only a matter of time before Mercedes-Benz drops a new C63 AMG on us. And it looks like that time is coming soon.

Spied here undergoing testing in its native Germany, this is the second time we’;re acquiring a glimpse at the upcoming new C63, but while it may be wearing just as much camouflage as last time, the lighter, drier conditions give us a bit of a greater seem. Seemingly understated for an AMG model, the new C63 will still sport huge air openings in the front bumper and tiny vents flanking the rear by way of which protrude 4 squared-off exhaust guidelines. There’;s also a bit of an aerodynamic lip to the rear bumper, along with some serious-hunting alloys sporting beefy, reduced-profile rubber.

Of course, what will really matter is what is beneath the hood. And which is anticipated to be a new 4.-liter twin-turbo V8 producing amongst 450 and 500 horsepower, which even on the bottom end would make it a lot more effective than its chief rival, the newest BMW M3 with its 425-horsepower 3.-liter turbo 6. Whether or not Mercedes gives the new C63 with 4Matic all-wheel drive – as common or optional – stays to be witnessed, but we’;re expecting the new model to be unveiled early up coming 12 months, so we’;ll uncover out in due course.

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