2015 BMW X4 gets its small-screen debut

BMW X4 television ad

It’;s effortless to dismiss the 2015 BMW X4. On one hand, the large-style crossover appears more like a boardroom determination than a useful one particular. In a world with the 3 Series, 4 Series, X3, 3 Series GT and 4 Series Gran Coupe, is BMW genuinely becoming inundated with requests for a baby X6? Of course, when we last but not least got behind the wheel of the CUV for our 1st Drive, it proved rather entertaining, and certainly the X6’;s global revenue success suggests that it really is really worth the relatively reduced-price chance for the Bavarian automaker.

Now, it truly is the standard public’;s likelihood to weigh in on the newest crossover Bimmer and vote with their dollars. The X4 is just hitting showrooms in the US, and BMW is starting its advertising and marketing campaign for it with the slogan “Embrace the Unknown.” The initial Tv ad displays off the CUV driving by means of the world’;s main cities as they undulate like the rolling ocean. A woman flatly says phrases starting with “Go,” although a synth-hefty score plays underneath that would not be out of spot over the finish credits in an ’;80s sci-fi movie.

Visually, it truly is really kind of a cool ad and evokes some of the specific effects from Inception. Focusing on an urban atmosphere is almost certainly a great concept, too, since the percentage of X4s going offroad is very likely to be in the minimal single digits, if that. Now, let us see if BMW buyers are willing to embrace the unknown of the X4. Scroll down to watch it for oneself.

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