2014 Toyota Highlander’s Center Bin Swallows 60 Juice Boxes


A Toyota spokesperson advised me that the redesigned 2014 Highlander could match 60 juice boxes in its center console bin. Naturally, I was incredulous. That sounded outlandishly cavernous, even for a family members hauler.

2014 Toyota Highlander: Car Seat Check out

The only point to be done was to get ahold of a new Highlander and test this declare out myself. When I 1st gazed on the Highlander’;s new console bin, I was more incredulous than ever. It looked to be a regular dimension, with sliding cover doors getting its only distinguishing characteristic. “There’;s no way this thing can match 60 juice boxes,” I imagined.

With 60 juice boxes in our possession, my oldest little one and I embarked on our mission. Nevertheless disbelievers, we loaded twenty, then 20 far more and finally twenty more into the bin. It was wonderful! All 60 boxes match properly with out any arduous maneuvering on our element! The Toyota PR individuals weren’;t bluffing!


We had so much good results with the juice that I determined to see what else this factor could hold. If juice boxes aren’;t your issue, I was also capable to match 24 bottles of consuming water in the bin and possibly could have match in a couple more.


For these with wee ones still in diapers, I discovered that the Highlander’;s center console bin handily holds 2 21-count packs of big diapers, 2 packs of 100-count wipes and 2 packs of 25-count hand and encounter wipes. You will in no way be caught unprepared once more with all this gear tucked into the bin — and your tiny particular person will in no way go dirty yet again!


What if you’;d rather stash snacks in the Highlander? This bin handles them like a boss. It can simultaneously hold twelve protein bars, a box of 22 fruit snacks, a box of 6 kids’; vitality bars, 2 packs of seaweed chips, 6 packs of cheddar crackers, a couple of 4-pack applesauce squeezers and 2 tiny boxes of cookies. In other phrases, adequate snacks for at least a week, most likely 2!


As for the a lot more mundane, the console bin effortlessly swallowed my massive purse, laptop and a magazine. It also has a removable tray that holds sunglasses and other tiny items for those who like to maintain items tidy. Generally, this bin is wonderful. It doesn’;t appear like considerably, but it is.

The only problem? We now have 60 juice boxes to imbibe. Anyone want to come in excess of for a get together?

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