2014 Jeep Cherokee Versus 2014 Jeep Compass


We took possession of our prolonged-term 2014 Jeep Cherokee just a handful of weeks prior to a amount of rivals entered our short-term fleet here at our Chicago headquarters.

Some of our most exciting insights into our 2013 Honda Civic came soon after pitting it head-to-head towards the competition.

A lot more on Our Extended-Phrase Fleet

While it might seem odd to begin our yr with the Cherokee by pitting it against the Jeep Compass rather than one more automaker’;s SUV, let us clarify why we received here prior to learning which Jeep won.

Our long-phrase Cherokee was outfitted almost identically to the 2014 Compass Constrained that entered our normal media fleet with 4-cylinder engine, base all-wheel drive, leather interior and navigation. The similarities never cease there fuel economy, cargo size and value are also a shut match. You can assess the 2 trims right here.


The Cherokee begins to stand out when you search at its 4,044-pound curb fat in contrast to the 3,345-pound Compass, as well as the exterior dimensions the place the Cherokee’;s length, width and height dwarf the Compass. Those dimensions most help passenger space in contrast to the Compass.

Shoppers may possibly think about both given that the charges as outfitted are not radically different — $ 33,375 for the Cherokee and $ 30,075 for the Compass including destination — but there couldn’;t be a clearer depiction of previous Jeep versus new Jeep once you get inside and start driving.

Editors Joe Bruzek and David Thomas took the 2 through a route of city, suburban and highway driving from downtown Chicago northward. Here are the results of the drive.



Winner: Compass

The Jeeps have the same 4-cylinder beneath the hood with a handful of far more horses in the Cherokee, but a few hundred pounds along with the pokey 9-speed automated gave the edge to the Compass. The Cherokee in no way will get up and goes from a stop while the Compass in fact responds to the call.


Winner: Cherokee

There was absolutely nothing outstanding in the braking department for both Jeep but the Compass has a short numbness in brake pedal action prior to the brakes grab, opposed to the Cherokee’;s a lot more responsive pedal come to feel. The extra girth of the Cherokee also aided impress when it came to how effectively it slowed.


Dealing with

Winner: Tie

It could be the bodyweight concerns or the added length, but the all-new Cherokee did not seem to outshine the Compass when it came to taking corners and winding roads, several of which were covered in standing pools of water for the duration of a time when Chicago’;s mounds of winter snow commenced to melt. The Compass is agile and remarkably capable at managing swift maneuvers.


Winner: Cherokee

This was a contested group due to the fact the Compass shocked Thomas with its quietness for the duration of our check, sufficient that he nearly gave them a tie. Nonetheless, Bruzek seasoned substantial wind noise at highway speeds in the course of a separate Compass road trip and couldn’;t ignore that when scoring right here.


Winner: Cherokee

There was no overall performance category in which the Compass came up as short as in the ride division. The Compass is firm to a fault, sending every single bump to the spine with a swift jolt. Meanwhile, the Cherokee has a single of the far more relaxed rides in the section and kept an even keel in excess of intensely broken roads close to Chicagoland.


Interior High quality

Winner: Cherokee

The turnarounds at Chrysler in terms of interior style are staggering when you place 2 autos a generation or 2 removed subsequent to each other. In the Cherokee (above) not only are supplies of a substantially larger grade, the layout of controls, cubbies and even pure layout aspects are better believed out.


Winner: Cherokee In terms of comfort the Cherokee’;s noticeably softer leather seats would be ample to win this class. Nevertheless, the wider SUV also allowed for much more overall breathing space for drivers’; legs and hips. You also have to phase down to get into the rear of the Compass, which was awkward. And while the Compass had remarkable headroom, it did not have the sliding rear seats of the Cherokee either. Easy win here, especially if comfort is essential to you.


Winner: Cherokee

Nothing at all ages worse than in-vehicle engineering, and the Compass is packing the ancient system Chrysler utilised for years. And even when it was new it wasn’;t that great. Meanwhile, the Cherokee sports the most recent version of the company’;s UConnect, which we as a group use as an illustration of close to-excellent execution versus the competitors. However, Thomas noted that over weeks of testing the Cherokee the method does not recognize his iPhone for playing music files about a third of the time.



Winner: Cherokee

The similarities in cargo size go past just the specs, which we have just lately debunked as an accurate measure of comparison. But here the specs do not lie, and in actuality the Compass actually does look spot-on versus the bigger Cherokee (above) in terms of the cargo area’;s volume. The Cherokee won because it has a important sum of below-floor storage as effectively as the sliding rear seats that can broaden cargo volume and attribute well-executed flaps to cover any gap. The built-in cargo technique in the Cherokee did not sway us in any way.


There was not genuinely any doubt that the extraordinary Cherokee would take this contest. Right after dissecting the 2 by these 9 criteria the newer Jeep took 6 outright with one reduction and 1 tie for the win. Although we weren’;t amazed, it is a bit of a shock to see the 2 nevertheless being offered side by side. images by Evan Sears

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