2014 Bentley Mulsanne Vehicle Assessment

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By Matt Degen – Up to date Date: 3/5/2014

The 2014 Bentley Mulsanne is one particular of the most opulent sedans money can acquire. And to do that, you’;ll want a mountain of it. At in excess of $ 300,000, Bentley’;s flagship flies in the rarefied business of its British stablemate Rolls-Royce and appeals to the most discriminating clientele. Customers who never bat an eye at the Mulsanne’;s price will be rewarded with not just an awe-inspiring automobile, but an aristocratic knowledge. Enormous in size, prodigious in power and fitted with every imaginable accoutrement, this majestic sedan deserves its standing as transportation reserved for royalty. No matter whether used as a chauffeur’;s chariot or a individual vehicle, the Mulsanne makes a statement number of other people can touch. You could acquire similar amounts of refinement for hundreds of thousands less, but you wouldn’;t be acquiring a Bentley.

You may Like This Car If…

If funds is no object in your quest for the creme de la creme of big luxury sedans, the Bentley Mulsanne brings more panache to the get together than even mainstream ground yachts such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class or its Audi A8 cousin.

You Could Not Like This Car If…

Ultra-luxury sedans are not solely the domain of the British. Everybody from Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW and Lexus to – yes, it’;s true – Hyundai offers autos that will pamper you for far much less investment. These mainstream automakers also boast much greater dealer ne2rks for support and sales.

What is New for 2014

The 2014 Mulsanne receives updates to its rear-passenger area that incorporate airline-design headrests, new footrests and seat cushions, and window curtains in place of the preceding window shades. A new, U.K.-made enjoyment package with in-car Wi-Fi also joins the feature list.

Driving It Driving Impressions

You don’;t so much drive the 2014 Mulsanne as you do float in it. Comfort is the raison d’;être of this massive Bentley. The suspension vanquishes street imperfections, and the cabin is so hushed that even the 6.8-liter twin-turbo V8 is magically muted. That enormous powerplant makes correspondingly huge power: 505 horses and 752 lb-ft of torque, all sent to the rear wheels by way of a smooth 8-velocity automatic transmission. This translates to a -60-mph sprint of 5.one seconds, quite a feat thinking about this luxury liner weighs virtually 3 tons. However the Drive Dynamics Manage technique can optimize the Mulsanne’;s suspension and steering for a sportier truly feel, this sedan is most at ease as highway cruiser, not backwoods corner-carver. Maneuvering close to town is manageable, but there’;s no denying the Mulsanne’;s dimension. Our only letdowns were the prominent wind noise in our check vehicle’;s driver-side window at speeds over forty mph and a rattle that developed near the front-passenger compartment.

Favorite Functions

Numerous purchasers of the Bentley Mulsanne will not be the drivers. They’;ll be enjoying the rear seat whilst currently being chauffeured. And there is considerably to take pleasure in past sheer legroom. The Mulsanne’;s rear seats recline and provide heat, ventilation and massaging performance. You might just want to hold board meetings back there.

Energy-Aid DOORS
Ever second-guessed regardless of whether you totally closed that door? You won’;t in the Mulsanne. Even if you never shut it all the way, the automobile is sensible enough to do it for you, providing a gentle tug that sequesters you inside the Bentley’;s automotive cocoon. Equivalent outward help is supplied on exit.

Car Specifics Interior

Over a dozen hides from Scandinavian bulls line the Mulsanne’;s interior. Why Scandinavian? The region’;s cool climate indicates fewer insects, and that means fewer hide blemishes. That’;s the variety of forethought that goes into crafting a Bentley. Abundant use of wood and stainless steel are amongst other highlights of this luxurious cocoon, even though the latter has been polished to a state that it can be blinding when hit by sunlight. Rear legroom in this 5-passenger super sedan comes in spades, and the outboard seats, like the front seats, provide heat and ventilation. More relaxation can be had thanks to a massaging function. Trunk space, nonetheless, is smaller than expected.


At above 18 feet in length, it is an understatement to say that the Mulsanne tends to make a statement. At this length, this exotic sedan is longer than some total-dimension pickups. Aside from its prominent proportions, further consideration is commanded from the Bentley’;s enormous radiator grilles, sparkling jeweled headlights and tapered rear haunches. Like the interior, fine exterior touches abound. The doors provide opening and closing support, and when parked the side mirrors fold inward to prevent currently being damaged. Mulsannes are unusual to begin with, but with more than 25 paint colours offered, yours is sure to be exclusive.

Notable Normal Products

The 2014 Bentley Mulsanne is equipped with heated 14-way electrical power front seats, 8-way energy rear outboard seats with heat management, 8-inch substantial-resolution infotainment display (neatly concealed behind a veneered panel), satellite navigation technique, tinted glass sunroof, quad-zone climate manage, energy-operated trunk , and voice manage for numerous operations. The standard audio system boasts 14 speakers, a 6-disc CD changer, a 60-gig tough drive, plus inputs for SD cards and iPods. Interior and exterior color options abound, down to the seatbelt hue. Surprisingly, a rearview camera is not included as standard in this large vehicle.

Notable Optional Equipment

Most most likely, the Mulsanne you want is the Mulsanne you will get. These handmade autos are tailored to their customers’; desires and supply a huge degree of personalization. Amongst the much more prominent additions are a 2,200-watt/20-speaker Naim audio program, heated and ventilated front and rear seats with massage performance, and 21-inch wheels in place of the standard 20-inch versions. The new Entertainment Specification consists of electrically deployed rear-seat picnic tables optimized for iPads and Apple keyboards, comprehensive with integrated charging help. The option also includes a rear-seat entertainment system and in-car Wi-Fi. Driving and security attributes consist of adaptive cruise management and rear- and side-view cameras.

Beneath the Hood

The Mulsanne gets its muscle from a huge, twin-turbocharged V8. The engine’;s 505 horsepower is amazing, but even far more so is its prodigious 752 lb-ft of torque, which helps off-the-line efficiency. The 2014 Mulsanne can go -60 mph in just more than 5 seconds and has a top speed of 184 mph. Remarkable numbers for a car that weighs almost 6,000 lbs. All Mulsanne designs are rear-wheel drive and feature an 8-velocity automatic transmission. Fuel economy is not a powerful level, reflected in its EPA figures and $ 3,700 gasoline-guzzler tax.

6.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8
505 horsepower @ 4,200 rpm
752 lb-ft of torque @ one,750 rpm
EPA city/highway fuel economic climate: eleven/18 mpg

Pricing Notes

A 2014 Bentley Mulsanne isn’;t purchased so significantly as it is “commissioned.” So while the Manufacturer’;s Advised Retail Price tag (MSRP) begins at just in excess of $ 300,000, options and custom touches can simply and drastically increase that figure. A constructed-in refrigerator alone, for illustration, tops $ 10,000, and customized satin paint can total over $ 30,000. At its base value, the Mulsanne is over the roughly $ 260,000 commencing price tag of the Rolls-Royce Ghost sedan and under the $ 400,000 starting stage of a Rolls-Royce Phantom sedan. For just about any other car, we would now direct your interest to the Honest Obtain Cost below so you could see what other individuals are paying and get the best deal. But we never assume considerably haggling when it comes to the Mulsanne. Likewise, since of this vehicle’;s excessive niche, the Mulsanne’;s resale worth is tough to predict.

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