1949 Gmünd Porsche displays the birth of an icon

Gmund Porsche 356

The Austrian village of Gmünd is far more than just tough to pronounce it truly is also the birthplace of the Porsche brand. Before the firm ever commenced creating sports autos at its existing house base close to Stuttgart, the fledgling business finished numerous vehicles in the small town in Southern Austria. In this video, former Pikes Peak International Hill Climb champion Jeff Zwart takes a look at a 1949 Gmünd coupe to see how the firm has evolved since its earliest days.

The factor to note about the Gmünd-constructed Porsches is their absolute layout simplicity. The phrase “kind follows perform” gets bandied close to a great deal, but it really indicates anything when you seem at these early automobiles. Nonetheless, the minimalism was partially out of necessity. The vehicles were meant to be sporty but surely weren’;t rockets. Electrical power came courtesy of a modified Volkswagen Beetle engine, and something extraneous would have slowed the designs down. Scroll down to watch Zwart go back in time to Porsche’;s beginnings.

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