$1.25M Venom GT ‘World’s Quickest Edition’ is so swift you’ve missed your chance [w/video]

Hennessey Venom GT World's Fastest Edition

Now that the Venom GT has earned a Guinness Planet Record as the quickest car to attain 300 kilometers per hour (186 miles per hour) to go along with its recorded best pace of 270.49 miles per hour (recorded final month at Florida’;s Kennedy Room Center), Hennessey thinks its time for a celebration. To commemorate the honors, it really is building a new “World’;s Quickest Edition” of the Venom GT, limited to just 3 units priced at an eye-watering $ one.25 million each and every. Want one particular? Sorry, it’;s too late. All of them have presently been sold to preceding Hennessey buyers. The very first one particular will be delivered this summer season.

Modifications are straightforward and understated, with the addition of a red, white and blue stripe going down the center of the all-white entire body – Hennessey sees this as America’;s supercar and would like to show it. There are no mechanical alterations – not that it necessary any. It still packs the exact same 6.-liter, twin-turbo V8 making 1,244 horsepower that propelled it early final yr to 300 kmh in 13.63 seconds.

Autoblog spoke to firm founder John Hennessey about the automobile and the current top-speed try, and he had a good deal to say. “We had intended to run in both instructions,” he explained. Even so, a undesirable crosswind the initial day prevented it. On the second day, NASA was testing its new Morpheus Mars lander at one particular finish of the runway. The automobile was allowed to make its run going away, but the spacemen nixed the try approaching it.”

In any situation, he knew the auto wasn’;t going to garner a 2nd Guinness record. The organization has stipulated a minimum of a 30-automobile production run to qualify. Hennessey announced it would create 29 Venom GTs when it debuted the vehicle, and that is not altering. It has offered nearly twenty of them so far and expects for them to sell out sometime following yr.

What is following for one particular of the world’;s quickest automobiles? Hennessey says the business would like to attempt some track information following yr, with the Nürburgring surely standing as a prime choice. If which is not attainable, the Circuit of the Americas or Laguna Seca are other choices. “There’;s always something up coming,” said Hennessey. For now, the organization is going to celebrate creating a single of the world’;s quickest automobiles. Scroll down to go through the complete press release and to take another look at a video displaying the Venom GT’;s best-velocity run.

Venom GT “World’;s Fastest Edition”
Hennessey builds special-edition supercar to commemorate speed information

– 13.63 sec. -300 km/h Guinness Globe Record

– 270.4 mph best velocity run at the Kennedy Area Center

March 25, 2104-For fast release

Sealy, Texas-Hennessey Functionality (HPE) is building a limited run of
World’;s Quickest Edition Venom GTs to celebrate the company’;s current prime speed run of 270.4 mph, which was set at NASA’;s Kennedy Space Center in February. The World’;s Fastest Edition (WFE) also alludes to the Venom’;s -300 km/h Guinness Planet Record.

“The Venom GT is America’;s supercar and it broke 270 mph on the identical runway in which the Space Shuttle landed at the Kennedy Room Center,” said organization founder John Hennessey. “We desired to offer a particular paint scheme that would include the colours of the American flag-the same flag we flew on the Area Shuttle runway. Hence, our specific livery bundle includes a physique in white with red and blue stripes.”

The Venom GT generates its incredible velocity from a straightforward formula: massive energy, minimal w7 Its 6.-liter twin-turbo V8 helps make 1244 bhp and with only 2743 lb. to accelerate (that’;s 1244 kg, hitting that magic one bhp/kg mark), the Venom GT is not only the fastest series-created road automobile it’;s also the quickest. It holds the Guinness World Record for standing-commence acceleration, rocketing from rest to 300 km/h (186 mph) in just 13.63 seconds. Lightweight aluminum development, carbon- fiber bodywork and featherweight carbon-ceramic brakes all make this extraordinary electrical power/weight ratio attainable.

“We’;re thrilled about what we accomplished at Cape Canaveral with the Venom GT,” explained Hennessy CEO Don Goldman, “and now the World’;s Quickest Edition is a living, breathing celebration of that record achievement.”

Just 3 World’;s Fastest Edition automobiles are currently being created and have currently been sold at a value of $ 1.25 million U.S. This makes the Venom GT WFE not only the quickest but also 1 of the rarest supercars ever created.


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